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The M15 formula gives a shock absorption material with outstanding performance characteristics. It’s light, elastic, it has slow recovery and is robust. The ideal impact absorbing material is one that on impact compresses to a degree but then slowly returns to its original shape and size. So the better the material the longer this moment is delayed. M15 slows the moment of peak transmitted force and spreads the damaging forces over the whole surface which means that the material is used to its maximum. Combination of M15 and multi-layer construction results in a system that is both lightweight and flexible.


Small sized insert fits R15 backpacks
Medium sized insert fits R20, R25 R30 and R35 backpacks

Protector is simply inserted in to be back panel sleeve to fix it in place.


Easy fit (R25, R30, R35)
EN1621-2 (level 2)
Lightweight – 275g (S) 350g (M)
RPT – Repeat Performance Tech
M15 – formulated PVC nitrale
Multi-density construction
10 Year Guarantee

390(h) x 250(w) x 19(d) mm
15.3(h) x 9.8(w) x 0.7(d) ins.
460(h) x 260(w) x 19(d) mm
18.1(h) x 10.2(w) x 0.7(d) ins.

(S) 275 Grams
(M) 350 Grams

Kriega’s goal from day one was to build a reputation for the best quality products on the market, offering the highest standards of functionality and craftsmanship.
Kriega packs are constructed from some of the best technical fabrics available today. Add to that a strict attention to detail in the design and production process and you can be sure that Kriega products will exceed expectations.
The whole Kriega range is built to perform without exception. As a commitment to quality all packs are Guaranteed for 10 years against defects in materials and manufacture.
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