On 26 July last year, Motorwerks celebrated our first anniversary by hosting Lids & Lads – a helmet art show. It involved 13 local artists designing Bell helmets for show, for bid, and for a cause – to share some love for the Children’s Cancer Foundation in Singapore.

We chose to work on custom helmets because we believe in tying together the art and riding communities here in Singapore. The unique value of a custom helmet is one that cannot be measured, and its monetary value gave us a reason to give back to our community. This is why half the value of these custom helmets go to raising funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

The 13 local artists varied from artists, to illustrators, to ceramists and beyond. They are:

#1 Lovage


Going by the name “Lovage”, Tiffany is an illustrator, henna artist and art teacher. She draws the darkest skulls, with interest and reference to ancient mythologies.

Her helmet piece is titled the “Dance of Death” (Bell Custom 500, Size XL) 

“The ‘Dance of Death’ is a late medieval allegory that serves as a reminder of the fragility of life, just as it should when one is riding on two wheels. This helmet serves as a protection to its owner.”

#2 Wan Keisane


Wan is a tattoo artist at Killswitch Tattoo Parlour, where he specialises in black and white tattoos. His illustrations and tattoos are mostly of sacred geometry – a religious, philosophical, and spiritual term to explain the fundamental laws of the universe.

His helmet piece is titled “Friedhelm” (Bell Custom 500, Size M)

“Doing what I love, I’ve constantly made drawings that are derived from my dreams and imagination. As a tattoo artist, I have done carious kind of visual styles and techniques, though currently I am merely focusing on the juxtaposition of morbid imageries with firework, watercolour and blackwork. My inspiration comes from geometric patterns, the skate culture and conventions of tattoo art – all that while riding my 1973 Yamaha YB 100.”

#3 Kevin Seah


Kevin Seah is a premium bespoke tailor, who first started out on his own in 2009, after a 15-year career in Haute Couture. He is meticulous and innovative with his craft, which is what makes him one of the outstanding Singaporean tailors of our age.

His helmet piece is titled “Gold Against The Soul” (Bell Custom 500, Size XXL)

“Named after a song title by one of his favourite bands – Manic Street Preachers, Kevin used to think of gold as an ugly colour. However, as he grew up creatively, he began to appreciate the strength of the colour. “Gold Against The Soul’ is a challenge to what he can create with gold to bring out the beauty in it.

#4 Amanda Lim


Amanda is a student of NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media. She is an aspiring artist and designer who enjoys (and takes) good photography.

Her helmet piece is titled “Rider” (Bell Pit Boss, Size XL/XXL)

“Amanda envisioned this piece as a form of wearable fashion for the youthful subculture of riding. This design was inspired by Snapback caps and a reflection of speed and energy.”

#5 Clogtwo


Going by the name “Clogtwo”, Eman is an illustrator, graffiti artist and video designer. He is a visual anarchist – a member of the Rscls. He is inspired by his observations of society, and explores the elements of dark humour and social behaviour in his work.

His helmet piece is titled “Dubs & Reaches” (Bell Custom 500, Size S)

“To celebrate the Godfathers of Graffiti, the legends and its culture, Graffiti is about name writing and claiming public spaces. Regardless of it’s texture or environment, it is about the thrill and skill in adapting what others call it a challenge.”

#6 Inkten


Inkten Sufina is a visual artist who works alongside her partner, Clogtwo. Despite being a Graffiti artist, she also enjoys doing graphic design, exploring her work on different platforms and mediums.

Her helmet piece is titled “The Onslaught Rider” (Bell Rogue, Size S)

“Working on the form of simplicity and geometric shapes, Inkten views things in a more graphic and futuristic perspective. Her work uses strong masculine shapes and juxtaposes them with a soft and feminine subject matter, that creates an unstable formula yet still co-exist with each other.”

#7 Kamal Dollah


Kamal Dollah is a multi-disciplinary artist with an expertise in visual arts. He is renown for his batik painting and caricatures. He is currently a full-time artist and art educator.

His helmet piece is titled “Api Api” (Bell Rogue, Size XL)

“Using the traditional batik method of applying wax as a resistance to decorate a surface, but instead of dye, aerosol paint was used.

The design is inspired by my current series of batik paintings of fire motifs. It is an expression of passion and desire.”

#8 Feroze Mcleod


Feroze Mcleod is the founder and a barber at Hounds of the Baskervilles. He is also a tattoo artist who specialises in vintage western tattoo art. His influences run from old films to tattooists who worked in the sideshows and circuses of the past, so to him, putting the old in the new speaks of how he sees the world.

His helmet piece is titled “”Dermagraphics on Brain Bucket” (Bell Bullitt TT, Size XL)

“Western traditional tattoo imagery hand drawn on a Bell helmet. Rugged look for the rugged soul. Symbols of Death, Love, Friendship and Beauty. Permanent and Paint markers directly drawn on.”

#9 Siddwills


Going by the name “Siddwills”, William is an illustrator who enjoys expressing his imagination through his work. He draws real sick characters and fills them up with poppy, bright colours. His illustrations often carry a narrative that is not directly depicted to the audience.

His helmet piece is titled “Hellmet” (Bell Custom 500, Size M)

“Deeply inspired by the Facehugger in the film ‘Aliens’, I wanted to re-illustrate that layer of the creepy, bony feel using the human spine and ribcage, as if a firm grip was on the wearer’s head.”

#10 Yong Cheong Thye


Yong Cheong Thye is one of Singapore’s renown calligraphy master and his works of calligraphy have been presented to foreign dignitaries and heads of state by Singapore. He has always had a keen interest in Chinese art, which brought him under the pupilage of late calligraphy master Tsue Ta Ti in 1967. His works of calligraphy have been presented to foreign dignitaries and heads of state by Singapore, and his talent, views and opinions are well sought after both locally and internationally, bringing his art to many countries around the globe.

His helmet piece is titled “前进, 威风, 神气” (Bell Pit Boss, Size M)

“Progress, Prestige & Dignity. With these ideals in mind, Calligraphy Master Yong fuses traditional art into the modern motorcycle scene.”

#11 SBTG


Sabotage is a home-grown artist who does an array of work such as sign painting, canvas painting and sneaker design. He also has his own clothing label named “Sbtg Surplus”. His work has given him opportunities to collaborate with big brands like Nike, and he is certainly one of the most talented artists of our time.

His helmet piece is titled “Follow No One"

Tapping into his Skateboard roots, Sbtg pulled out a phrase from Scott Bourne, Follow No one. A phrase that he feels best encapsulates the spirit of rebel culture, to live by our own rules. Conform to nothing and evolve beyond our surroundings. The design is injected with rebel elements like flames, skulls, bones and spiderwebs. Signed off with logos from SBTG, front and back.

#12 Ivan Lee


Ivan Lee is a ceramist of the modern age. He is part of the ceramics collective “Weekend worker”, and is also a multimedia designer.

His helmet piece is titled “Fish Bowl”, with the concept of “Out of Context”.

Process: Helmet as the mould, Hand-built Soft Slab, Wheel Thrown Leg

Materials: White Raku, Oxide stain in white slip

Firing: Cone 6, Oxidation

#13 Mystery Artist

This mystery artist designed his helmet during the show, staging a live performance of his craft.

For the event, we also had support from various brands in Singapore:

Like the artists, the participants came from different walks of life, each having his or her own lifestyle they are planning to achieve. Despite that, they came for a same purpose which is to contribute to the community. Through this event, we are thoroughly humbled with the act of kindness and enthusiasm portrayed by the participants. They are truly real bikers who possess a big heart and are loyal to the spirit of giving. This event was a success thanks to you guys and we would like to thank all the artists, vendors and supporters for your contribution to this worthy cause.